Whats the BIG idea behind Chiropractic Care?

If you ask most people what chiropractors do, they say that we treat back and neck pain, and headaches.  Although chiropractic care has great results with these conditions, it is so much more than that!  CImagehiropractic is important for your over-all general health and well-being. 

Chiropractors address your Spine which protects your nervous system! Your body has a master control system, much like the fuse box providing energy to run your home’s electric system. 

When a chiropractor checks your spine, they are looking for the fuse switches that have been thrown off by stress! Stress, you ask? Physical stress, such as slips, falls, automobile accidents; Mental and emotional stress, such as financial, work; and Chemical or Toxic stress, such as preservatives in food, alcohol and other drugs.  “But,” you may say, “stress is a constant!  We have stress all the time!”  That’s right.  That’s why continuous chiropractic care is so important for a healthy lifestyle. If your spine is stressed all the time, your nervous system in turn is throwing fuses!


Chiropractors restore that power! 

Unlike medical care which is strictly “sick” care.  Chiropractic is proactive to keep you healthy so that you don’t have to become a customer of sick care.  


About Silverstein Family Chiropractic

Dr. Irv Silverstein is a chiropractor serving Langhorne, PA and the surrounding communities. Our chiropractor and the rest of the friendly team at Silverstein Family Chiropractic are dedicated to chiropractic solutions to target your unique needs, whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, or even just plain old muscular tightness and tension. You may need pain relief after suffering an accident, experiencing an injury, or if you have a specific condition such as chronic back pain or a spinal condition; even if you just want to improve your overall health, our chiropractor can help you achieve your wellness goals! Please visit the testimonials page to see what our patients are saying about our Langhorne chiropractor and getting regular chiropractic treatments. At your first visit to Silverstein Family Chiropractic, Dr. Irv Silverstein will explain the science behind how chiropractic care works, and give you a full evaluation to see if chiropractic care is right for you. If there is a good fit, we can develop a plan of chiropractic care that is specific to your condition and health goals. For more information or to schedule an appointment with our Langhorne chiropractor, call 215-860-0450 today!
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